Benchmark: Library Metrics and Trends
Benchmark makes data-driven planning and advocacy easy for academic and public libraries. Log in to complete surveys, explore interactive charts, and compare your data with peers.
Using Benchmark is easy!
  • Analyze trends in expenditures, staffing, collections, services, and other data.
  • Illustrate ongoing activities and usage in a compelling fashion for different audiences.
  • Generate key metrics for strategic planning, budget justifications, annual reports, fundraising, and more.
  • Contribute your library's data to national surveys to further research and advocacy.
Free access includes:
  • View select data visualizations with peer comparisons
  • Complete open surveys and see past survey responses
  • Manage contact information
  • Access data-related resources
Subscribe for access to:
  • A robust set of interactive data dashboards with visualizations and filters
  • A custom report builder that includes historic metrics
  • The ability to create custom peer groups for benchmarking